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So much to read, so little time...

Monsoon Memories - Renita D'Silva In the Shadow of the Mountains - M.R. Graham The Wailing - M.R. Graham The Medium - M.R. Graham
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I have just sorted and shelved my books and discovered that there are many I have yet to read.  I am currently on a murder/mystery binge - Dorothy Sayers and Jeanne M. Dams - such addictive writers...and my friend Renita has her second book due out - "Forgotten Daughter" -  at the end of the month while friend M.R. has her new book "The Medium" out and I have my copy ready to start.  I just finished reading "The Shift" by Tory Johnson that my sister Debbie sent us (me and sisters Sue and Barb) to read from BC.  Did I mention that I also beta read for a few authors as well?  Three have books in the works and I am enjoying them as well.  Also currently reading:  Inferno by Dan Brown, The Monk by William H. Hallahan, Lord Peter by Dorothy Sayers and The Rose Garden by Susanna Kearsley.  Like I said, "So many books, so little time..."  LOL



My first blog ever!

Monsoon Memories - Renita D'Silva In the Shadow of the Mountains - M.R. Graham The Wailing - M.R. Graham The Medium - M.R. Graham

Welcome everyone!


A friend invited me to sign up for Booklikes and after checking it out, I decided to sign on.  As many of you already know, I am a crazy book person (have been since I was in Gr. 3).  I'm a big fan of Anne Rice - I've read and own all of them, as well as murder mysteries, paranormal, historical fiction and non-fiction as well as biographies.  I am enjoying books by Charles Finch, Alan Bradley (absolutely LOVE Flavia de Luce!), Elly Griffiths, Susanna Kearsley and Jeanne M. Dams (Dorothy Martin Mysteries). 


I am also a member at Goodreads and have met two wonderful new authors after winning ARC of their books to read and review .  Renita D'Silva is the author of  "Monsoon Memories" (a beautiful story that I highly recommend) and is almost ready to launch her new book "The Forgotten Daughter".  She's off soon to promote Monsoon Memories being released in India and I'm very proud of and excited for her!  Her writing draws pictures so real that you feel like you are actually in the story -  you can almost smell the smells and hear the sounds.  She has become a dear friend.  I have also become friends with MR Graham, who has written a few books on supernatural (or is it "paranormal" now?  I must ask her LOL) creatures and in whose books "In The Shadow of The Mountains" and "The Wailing" I was lucky enough to be introduced to Daniel Leland, a rather different kind of vampire and a new favourite of mine.  I'm looking forward to more books in her "Books of Lost Knowledge" series.  I just picked up a copy of her newly released book "The Medium", and can't wait to read it!  Unfortunately, I still have a book from the library on a 7 day loan that must be finished and returned first but hope to be able to start it late Saturday.  If you are a fan of paranormal/supernatural, then I really recommend her books - she's the kind of writer that won't let you put her books down!


It's getting late and has been a long day so I'll sign off for now.  Thanks and I'll be back to write some more - this is kind of fun!